Aventurine Double Terminated Pendant (Medium)

  • $39.00

Aventurine Double Terminated Pendant (Medium) 

Meditation stones, or palm stones, are a wonderful part of your quiet time. The stones are flat which makes them comfortable to hold between the hands or in the palm of your hand. The energy of the stone flows through you as you meditate or spend time in peace.

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Encourages perseverance.

It is known as the Stone of Opportunity, thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth or for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance. It's winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting one chances in any situation. You only have to be near it to derive its benefits.  

This beautiful stone, however, is not merely an attractor of luck, but one that aligns conditions so opportunity is inevitable. Green Aventurine releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances ones creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in manoeuvring life obstacles. It also reinforces one decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humour and openness to the ideas of others.

Among green aventurine healing properties, it is believed to help with relaxation and regeneration. It also helps with speedy recovery, and combats insomnia. Green Aventurine is used to calm anger, and is believed to stimulate the metabolism and lower blood pressure. It is connected to heart health, and even has anti-inflammatory effects. Aventurine is a calming stone and helps balance the yin and yang aspects.



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