Obsidian Double Terminated Pendant (Medium)

  • $39.00

 Obsidian Double Terminated Pendant (Medium)

Comes with a complimentary display chain 

Obsidian stone is a powerful crystal for protection, helping to clear the buildup of psychic smog within your aura by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner. It protects and cleanses your aura of disharmony, negative attachments, old patterns and negative emotions, helping to unearth any negative thought patterns that are standing in the way of your personal and spiritual growth.

In addition to protection and releasing negativity, you can use the black obsidian properties for root chakra healing and grounding. Black obsidian symbolises a number of things, but its most prominent meaning is protection. It protects the wearer from negativity that may come from the outside world, as well as from the inner workings of the individual. 

The black obsidian crystal will give you the power and the support to handle these truths and flaws, helping you to move on and give you an enlightened sense of self. The stone’s reflective, mirror-like surface also represents its meaning giving you a reflection of your true self.

Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo



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