Chrysocolla and Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

Chrysocolla and Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

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Chrysocolla and Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

Chrysocolla is a tranquil and sustaining stone. Calms, cleanses and re-energizes all the chakras. Aligning with the energies of divine love, it may be helpful in healing heartache and increasing feelings of compassion and the capacity to love. Chrysocolla resonates with the energies of sound both silent and spoken out loud. It supports one's intention and the verbal communication of heart truth. With its gentle energies, Maybe the perfect crystal tool for understanding and accepting uncertain situations.

Chrysocolla invokes the connection to a greater inner strength and feelings of serenity regardless of outcome. It’s first and foremost a Stone of Communication. It’s very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The serenity of its turquoise blue colour discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard.

A very supportive stone for women and may offer relief from symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps. Helps with arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasms, digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders and lung problems. Chrysocolla detoxifies the liver, kidneys and intestines and re-oxygenates the blood and the cellular structure of the lungs. Also heals infections especially in the throat, tonsils, lowers blood pressure and soothes burns. Regenerates the pancreas, regulates insulin, and balances the blood.

Moonstone is strongly linked to the moon. The most powerful result of moonstone is that of calming the emotions. Moonstone is excellent for clearing tension from the emotions and the abdomen. Moonstone can help the digestive system and balance the body’s blood and lymph systems. Moonstone is particularly helpful in regulating and balancing the hormonal system.

Physically Moonstone is excellent for assisting the digestive and reproductive systems. Moonstone stimulates the pineal gland and through this is able to balance the hormones. It has a very powerful effect on the female reproductive system and can balance and regulate the menstrual cycle, meaning that it is a great stone for PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause. Moonstone can also eliminate toxins and fluid retention. It can ease degenerative conditions of the skin, hair eyes and other organs such as the pancreas and liver.

Mentally Moonstone opens the mind to sudden, irrational impulses. It also promotes inspiration, gentleness and compassion.

Emotionally Moonstone is the stone of inner strength and growth and can protect the wearer if they are of a sensitive nature. Moonstone is also able to calm emotions without repressing them. It can provide deep emotional healing and can assist with disorders that are related to stress.

Spiritually Moonstone is excellent for meditation and for understanding oneself. It can enhance intuition, cleanse negativity and chakras and promote spiritual understanding. Moonstone can be used to enhance psychic abilities and clairvoyance.

Moonstone is also known as a “traveler’s stone.”  It has a long reputation to be protective for travelers, especially those heading over water, and is said to offer some relief from jet lag.  It also has a reputation to be beneficial for protection during nighttime travel. Moonstone is all all-around good luck stone, which just makes it that much greater of a traveling stone.


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