Honey Calcite Sphere

  • $40.50

Honey Calcite Sphere with Stand 


Honey Calcite will show you the right way to harness and use your personal power. It will increase your feelings of self-worth and help you recover from harmful or abusive situations. This stone will infuse you with confidence, strength, and courage so that you will overcome your personal or professional obstacles. The energies of Honey Calcite will also assist you in learning new things and developing new skills. 

It is a stone that will give you mental clarity. It will help you direct, ground, and focus your energies so that you will successfully finish what you need to do and complete your goals. It will help you look at your challenges objectively so that you can find the most effective solutions. This stone will support your determination and your persistence.

By just having a piece of Honey Calcite in your room, you will be able to clean all the toxic vibrations and boost your home’s energy levels. The energies of Honey Calcite will bring determination and concentration to your life, home, or place of work. You will find that it’s easier to navigate the path to success because your enthusiasm is always high and you never run out of inspiration! Honey Calcite is the perfect stone to have when everything in your life feels too much.

It will be a very helpful stone when you to overcome one challenge after the other.   When you’re starting to lose faith in your ability to pull through in the toughest tests or in your ability to turn things around, Honey Calcite will come to the rescue. It will help you focus on what must be done and shut out all the noise. It will work as you're guiding light in your path out of confusion and chaos.

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