Labradorite Bracelet

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Labradorite Bracelet 

8mm Beads  

Labradorite also known as Black Moonstone Labradorite has a soothing, calming and harmonizing effect, which makes it a perfect talisman for those who anger easily. It improves one’s intuition and assists in clarifying the bearer’s views, objectives, and goals.

Physically, this beautiful stone seems particularly effective in relieving and treating disorders with the eyes and with improving one’s eyesight especially at night. Told also to be beneficial treating brain disorders, improving memory as well as alleviating bone issues, musculature complaints, and the wear and tear of one’s joints.

Told to boost physical energy, strengthen the immune system, as well as regulating the metabolism, balancing the hormones and stimulating the thymus gland. Labradorite opens up blockages in the circulatory system, stabilises the digestive process, and relieves menstrual tensions. HSP (or highly sensitive person) and empaths are the first to benefit from a Labradorite stone.

If you find you are drained by the energies of others, take on the energies of others, get overly emotionally involved in TV shows, movies, books, media, etc. Then you might need this stone. These are all traits of empaths. Empaths and HSP's often find that those around them love to confide in them, look to them for advice, or all share painful stories. This is because these types of people are highly empathetic.

It is an amazing quality but requires lots of shielding. This stone can help you lend your compassion, while shielding your aura so the energy of others does not drain you.Eskimo lore believes that Labradorite are fallen pieces of aurora borealis. Within first glance of this stone you can see why.

This amazing healing stone glows all different colours  from shades of gold to green to blue, sometimes even pink and purple. However, like the night sky, when not met with the certain light these colours are hidden and the stone appears black, grey, or dark blue.

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