New Zealand Paua Shell (A Grade)

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New Zealand Paua Shell (A Grade)


Paua Shell If you believe in the psychic powers of ancient organic gemstones, the abalone stone has much to offer.

It can stimulate psychic development such as intuition. It can improve your ability to express your emotions with clarity. this can encourage cooperation with those around you at work and in your personal life.

Perhaps your work or family life is stressful at the moment. The shell gemstone will attract tranquility and clarity of mind.

Many swear by its ability to help us work through emotional situations, be they now or things that happened far in our past or past lives. Let's look at other meanings and uses of abalone stone or shell.

Connecting to Chakra

The chakras linked to the shell of abalone are the third eye, the crown, and the heart. These are areas linked to intuition, that harmonize with the intuitive properties attached to the shell of the abalone.

Cleansing Rituals

In cleansing rituals, it is believed that holding onto the iridescent shell of the abalone increases feelings of purity. This deepens the effect of the spiritual cleanse.

These rituals involve the burning of sage to clear negative energies from within, or from a specific space. Couples and families can do these rituals to cleanse a space in their household after an argument or when they move to a new home.

The smoke from the sage is thought to clear the bad energies and bless areas with a positive light.

A Symbol of Water

Many cultures think of the abalone as a symbol of water. Its calmness and tranquility protect us from life's unsettling passions.

To wash away any unpleasantness and shield us from the darkness.

A Way to Heal and Protect

The shell of abalone looks like a kind of shield. It's no surprise then that it has protective and healing qualities. 
It brings safety from harm and emotional balance. It can protect the heart - in the physical and metaphysical aspects. It also is said to boost the immune system and assist digestion.

Fertility and Motherhood

The abalone mollusk is fecund - or fertile, for its species. As such, many people trying to conceive or wanting to guarantee the health of a new child or grandchild wear the abalone stone.

The fertility aspects can bring wealth, abundance, or new opportunities at work. The shell has been used as a sort of currency in many native cultures.

For new mothers, what better gift than the mother-of-pearl? It can provide much needed emotional, physical, and mental support to new moms. It can remind a new mother of the extraordinary act she carried out in creating and nurturing of an individual spirit.

To Calm Us

The relaxing sound of the ocean waves has surrounded the abalone during its entire life. It is thought that these waves of relaxation transit to the wearer of the abalone shell.

As such, it can calm the mind and relax the spirit.

There are those not attuned to its psychic attributes. Holding the shell and admiring its natural beauty alone can remind us of the everyday miracles around us.

It can be a reminder to take stock of what we have and to appreciate and celebrate it. When we are going through troubling times it can be a reminder of the inherent peace in nature that we can connect to if we choose to.

The abalone stone can remind us of the uniqueness of each of us. It can help us to tolerate the imperfectness in each of us, and in each of our personal relationships.

As a Power Boost

By improving our power to communicate our emotions clearly, this gemstone can be used as a symbol of empowerment and feminine power.

It has protected the soft core of the mollusk. It can protect the more sensitive aspects in us. Projecting an image of strength and beauty to the outside world.

As a Magical Gift

The abalone stone is an excellent gift. The Maori people believe it can bring luck, peace, and prosperity to the person wearing it.

Perhaps the wearer loves water, and the abalone shell can be a special reminder of the sea.

The Maori believe the Paua will bring connectivity and harmony to relationships.

The way the colors of the shell shift in the light is also a symbol of change and transition in Maori culture.

Perhaps you have had a big life change and found this article for a reason. Abalone might be the symbol to represent the change, and to protect you in the next phase of your life, as it does for Maori people.

Native American Cultures

In some Native American cultures, the shell of the abalone is to burn sage.

They believe the combined spiritual power of abalone and sage would take their messages to their Gods.

The smoke of the sage is used to cleanse evil spirits. This is used in modern-day cleaners also, which we explore later.


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